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If you are a current or former employee for MONTEREY FISH COMPANY, INC. (“Monterey” or “Defendant”), a class action lawsuit may affect your rights and you may be entitled to benefits under the settlement. A proposed settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit that was brought on behalf of Monterey’s employees. You have received the notice because Monterey’s records indicate that you are a member of this class. Plaintiff in this class action alleges that Defendant failed to provide accurate itemized wage statements and is liable for civil penalties under California’s Private Attorneys General Act or “PAGA.” Defendant denies Plaintiff’s claims and asserts that it has complied with all of its legal obligations to its employees.  Although the Court has authorized the Parties to provide this notice of the proposed settlement, the Court has expressed no opinion on the merits of Plaintiff’s claims or Defendant’s defenses.


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